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Kia Ora and Welcome to Calm in Voice !

If you are looking for a holistic therapy that will help reshape your nervous system into a healthier flow of regulation, then look no further!

specialise in helping people reach mental wellness through delivering sound therapy alongside movement, art and mindfulness. During our sessions, I will teach you about your nervous system and its different states of emotional and physical regulation, and the important role it plays in physical and mental health and well-being.  

When we become more aware of our emotional states and how they can affect our
behaviour and health, we can begin to heal.  

When we begin to connect with our environment and others from a place of calm rather than a place of  hyperarousal and emotional dysregulation, everything becomes easier, clearer and better in our lives.  

n today's world it can be hard to feel a sense of calm.  We are always on the go, and many of us are constantly working to refine the balancing act of juggling life between work and home.  The pressures of life and parenting can begin to take its toll on our overall health affecting our body, mind, spirit and emotional states.   The never ending tasks and the demands of society can impact our well-being physically, mentally and emotionally. Stress is a hidden cause of so many illnesses and mental health issues; yet today's society doesn't allow us to have much space and time to pause for self-care.

But when your mind and body are in sync they create a state of healthy flow creating homeostasis. This balance gives you back your calm and control.  When we function from a healthy regulated state we are then able to prioritise our needs and the needs of our families better.  

The Safe and Sound Protocol can help reshape the neuronal pathways of the nervous system; this allows our nervous system to flow better between our stress states and calm states, giving us back a sense of control.   When the nervous system is in a state of calm and is not always seeking safety or threat, we can begin to rationalise better, our memory improves, our cognition improves, decision making improves, and our emotional regulation improves, our hormones improve and even our immune system improves! And when we are better regulated this leads to better sleep, better connection with others, and a better connection with ourselves and our environment.

Those important "must do now tasks" and forever beeping notifications on the phone, asking for you to "just do this one last thing," will begin to seem less of a priority, and you will be better placed at laying down healthy boundaries, and prioritising self-care for yourself and for your loved ones.  Life is short, and our priority should be focused on enjoying each and everyday, so let me help you or your loved one achieve that. 

The Safe and Sound Protocol has been created by Dr Stephen Porges and is a therapy which is non invasive and available for all ages. 
If you would like to access this amazing evidence based holistic therapy, which I deliver either face to face or remotely, Click Here to learn more.

I also offer the integrated listening system (focus) which is a multi sensory holistic therapy. The iLS focus helps with an array of issues, such as reading and writing, concentration and attention, sensory and motor, auditory processing, and calming the nervous system. This therapy is wonderful for all ages, and can be done before or after The Safe and Sound Protocol, or it can be done independently.  If you would like to learn more about how this evidence based therapy can help you, or your child, or teen feel better and do better at home, work, school and socially,  Click Here to learn more.

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